A Clean Air Conditioner is a Happy One

Keeping your air conditioner clean — especially in the dry, dusty environment of Phoenix, is of utmost importance in order to keep it running efficiently. Especially now that it’s monsoon season, more-than-usual dirt and debris will be blowing right into your cooling system due to all the storms and winds, making it very unhappy indeed. Think about it: if you got dirt and dust into your eyes, you’d be pretty grumpy too. All that dirt buildup into your A/C system can cause it to malfunction, or at the very least become very inefficient.

Inefficiency=Higher Bills

Inadequate maintenance is one of the most common problems when it comes to cooling system malfunction. Allowing the filters and coils to build up with dirt leads to improper operation of the compressor or fans, according to Energy.gov. All that dust and debris, when not cleaned out regularly, can build up over time and cause your unit to have to work harder to achieve the same result. What happens is your A/C unit works overtime just to cool down your home while causing a spike in your home energy usage. Another negative side effect of a dirty A/C is the need for more frequent repair. Clogged filters and dirty coils can lead to part failure or the need for unit replacement. This can turn out to be quite an expensive endeavor. By cleaning your unit on a regular basis and performing simple maintenance tasks, you can discover potential problems sooner rather than later.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your cooling system a few times each season will go a long way towards saving you money and keeping you cooler. Here are some easy ways to maintain your unit:

  1. Change the filters regularly, at least twice a season. This is especially so during monsoon season in Phoenix when the winds kick up dirt that can easily get into the motor of your unit.
  2. Go through a checklist of tune-ups at the beginning of each season to ensure it’s working properly. You can check for leaks, replace belts that are cracked or torn, lubricate motorized parts, and test out the thermostat.
  3. Brush the coils and clean the condenser. In addition, remove dust that has built up on the fan blades, clean the drain, remove any clogs, and put in new insulation if needed to keep the tubes cool.

If you’re hearing odd sounds coming from your air conditioner, please call Morehart Air and Heating. Our technicians are the best in the business and we’ll help you turn your troubled cooling system into a happy one. Call us 623-566-0005 or visit https://morehartac.com.

The Importance of an Efficient Fan Motor

With hot temperatures bearing down on Phoenix, the last thing you want to do is get caught without a properly working central air conditioner. Keeping up with regular maintenance is key to ensuring it works when you need it to. And with highs climbing into the 90s most days, you will certainly need it working at full tilt! Your AC’s fan motor is a critical component of the unit, and its efficiency is of top priority.

Just to give you an overview, your central air conditioner has two fans: one inside that blows cool air for your home and one outside that blows over condenser coils to release built-up heat from your home. If there are problems with either one of these fans, your home will not be able to cool down properly. What likely will happen is you’ll be using more power for your AC, which has to work even harder to cool down the space. The result: an inefficient unit that will show up in increased cooling bills this summer. Today’s central AC models use between 30 and 50 percent less energy than older air conditioners made in decades past, says Energy.gov.

Fan motors go through a lot of wear and tear, and they can burn out when they undergo too much stress. This is especially true for air conditioners that are not properly maintained. A bad fan motor is a more serious issue and will either require professional repairs or a system replacement, depending on the age and condition of your system. Fan motors can also have electrical problems, leading to overheat and burnout. The fan won’t turn without the motor, so it becomes necessary to repair fan motors quickly.

Sometimes fan motors will “tell” you something is wrong through sounds you may not have heard before. If you hear a humming sound coming from the A/C unit while it’s running, this may be a sign that the fan motor is on its last legs. Please call Morehart Air and Heating to have us take a look at 623-566-0005.

7 Tips for Hiring a Trusted Phoenix HVAC Pro

Efficient Air Conditioning in Phoenix

When you live in Phoenix under the scorching summer sun and the humid temperatures during the monsoons, it’s never convenient to have your air conditioner break down.

A study covering a severe heat wave in Arizona during 2014 found that more than 100 people died from heat-related illnesses.

It’s no help since then that average Arizona temperatures have only risen, sometimes reaching as high as 120 degrees!

With all that said perhaps it’s not an overstatement that your air conditioning system can actually save your life during the summers in Phoenix. Keeping your air conditioner running efficiently is one of the most important summer goals.

Benefits to Hiring Morehart Air & Heating

If you don’t already have a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) installed in your home or if you are having functioning issues, it might be time to call in a professional.

Today, we are outlining the benefits of hiring a Phoenix HVAC professional.
How hiring a Phoenix HVAC pro can save your life

Just as you hire someone to fix your car to avoid making any costly mistakes, the same should go for your HVAC system.

Your air conditioner system is a complex piece of equipment, and lets face it, it is one of the most expensive appliances within a home. By hiring the right air and heating professional, you are in turn protecting your investment.

Air and Heating pros are trained to handle your exact problems and understand the parts, the system and risks involved in doing the job. A great example of one of these risks is chemical exposure.

Freon is a chemical found in your air conditioner which is highly toxic and can cause dizziness and respiratory problems. Freon exposure is a huge reason why hiring a Phoenix HVAC pro is not only a good decision for your wallet, but for your health as well!
Unlicensed professionals can be a bad decision in the long run and could cost you a lot of money, and more importantly something even more…..your health.

Pros are called pros because they have undergone proper training, tests and worked for their certification and licenses. Morehart Air and Heating goes a step further, all of our technicians are certified, drug tested, and are the top HVAC pro’s in Phoenix Arizona. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t trust in our own home. It can be alluring to go with someone who is unlicensed and cheaper, but here are some things that can go wrong by hiring the wrong HVAC companies:

Bad Air and Heating Advice

It’s not uncommon for an unlicensed contractor to offer bad advice. He or she might be used to only handling specific air and heating systems, specific sizes, etc. If your system is not one they have experience with, you might be persuaded to make certain unnecessary purchases, some that could be expensive, incorrect SEER rating or incorrect fit for your home.

You may essentially be hiring someone who knows not much more than you!

Cheap Prices, but More Expenses

An unlicensed HVAC technician may have an hourly price tag that is lower than the competition, however, if they make a mistake or break your system, there is no guarantee that they must pay for damage. An unlicensed Phoenix HVAC contractor will more than likely be missing insurance and you the homeowner will be out a nice piece of change.

In fact, it is not unheard of to have an unlicensed professional completely disappear after the first day on the job. Many scam artists are here in the valley of the sun, be sure an do your research. Check Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating’s Arizona BBB rating……A+.

Air and Heating System Warranties

Make sure to read the fine print of your systems warranty. Sometimes manufacturers will not grant you a new system or replacement part if an unlicensed technician has touched your system.

Manufacturers understand the risks and mistakes that often come with unlicensed contractors. To encourage you to take the professional route, they even write it into your warranty contract!

Hiring a Real Professional…A Guaranteed Fix

Your HVAC professional will come over to fix your main problem. If he or she can’t fix it on the spot, you can count on the fact that they won’t disappear on you like an untrained technician might!

Hiring someone certified and with a good track record is the way to ensure you receive work that is guaranteed.

Today, air conditioning systems are only getting more and more intricate and as a result, not just anyone can fix them. A professional knows exactly where a leak is coming from, condensor coil and heat pump issues, electrical, or how to diagnose any other issue.

At the end of the day, hiring a professional like Morehart Air and Heating can help you sleep better at night. You can put total trust in the fact that you are receiving quality repairs, parts or replacements that will last.

Not Only a Fix but HVAC Tips as Well!

A Phoenix HVAC professional will work in your best interest. While they will come to fix your main complaint, they will leave you with a plethora of advice to help you avoid future problems. When speaking to homeowners, we realize some HVAC terms may be confusing, that’s why we have a list of defined HVAC terms for our customers to get familiar with.

Given the fact that professionals know the ins and outs and handle the same issues on a daily basis, they will know exactly what you can do to avoid having the same problems.

Much like a good car mechanic who leaves you a report of things that will soon need to be checked on your vehicle, a professional HVAC contractor operates the same way.

There are a lot of different parts which work together to operate your air conditioner: a thermostat, ducts, refrigerants, freon, etc. Just because your air conditioner is fixed doesn’t mean that it is fixed long term.

Your technician can give you an idea of any impending problems and how you can avoid it!

Establish Trust with Your Phoenix HVAC Contractor

You go to the same doctor over and over because they understand you and your medical history best. It’s the same for your HVAC technician!

An added benefit of working with the same company for different repairs is that they know your specific problems and the history of repairs that your system has undergone.

Past repairs effect future repairs. As a result, it saves time and money on your part to hire the same company or person over and over again. Trust your Phoenix HVAC professional just as you trust your medical practitioner!

Morehart is the Name to Remember

When your air conditioner isn’t running efficiently and your suffocating under the hot Arizona sun, it can be easy to forget these simple tips.

Oftentimes, a sense of urgency will cause you to make quick mistakes.

Before the worst happens and your air conditioner shuts down completely, it is important to make sure that your AC is running on all cylinders.

Not only should you be getting quality HVAC service, it should be done by an experienced and trusted air and heating team! Call Morehart Air and Heating 623-566-0005 or visit our contact information.

Why Air Balancing is Beneficial

Air balancing is a concept not many are familiar with on a daily basis, but once you know what it is, you’ll agree it makes sense! Air balancing involves testing and adjusting your home’s heating and cooling system to distribute enough air evenly to each room. As part of the air balancing process, your professional will go through a check list of tasks to ensure this occurs, as well as related tests that help understand and evaluate how well your HVAC system is performing.

If your home has only one thermostat, it becomes impossible for heat or cold air to reach every room of the home. By employing a zoning system, this puts control in your hands because a thermostat in every room and an automatic damper in the duct can ensure enough air flow gets to each individual room. You can even control the air flow to rooms you don’t use frequently, saving you money on your monthly energy bills. Energy.gov says that heating and cooling comprises about half of the average home’s utility costs. By using smart, programmable thermostats, you can cut that energy use by up to 30 percent. Keep more money in your pocket throughout the year by being wise about zoning.

Air balancing is best left to the professionals, who have all the proper tools, materials, equipment and experience to perform this task. This job involves measuring the in-flow and out-flow of the air, recording readings, and organizing official test and balance reports, making adjustments to the HVAC system as needed. Your HVAC system should be working at optimal efficiency in order to result in the most comfort for your family, no matter what the season. If you’re looking for commercial air balancing, this is also something certified technicians can handle. In fact, in many cases of new commercial projects, you must have a licensed air balancing report in hand prior to getting a certificate of occupancy.

From residential to commercial air balancing, it all starts with a phone call to set up a consultation. Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating is proud to have National Comfort Institute certified air balancing technicians on staff who have the tools to maximize your comfort. Call us today at 623-566-0005 or visit our website at https://morehartac.com/. We would be happy to set up a consultation and give you a free estimate on air balancing!

Don’t Throw Money at Unlicensed HVAC’s

These days, it’s very important to be able to have full confidence in your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company, and the technicians who represent that company. In every part of the country, including the Phoenix area, there are less than reputable companies and individuals in operation who are much more interested in separating you from your hard-earned cash than in providing good service or good products. There are numerous scams being used to target unsuspecting homeowners, and through some clever misrepresentation and outright bullying, these scams sometime succeed in fleecing people out of significant sums of money.

HVAC Scams

One such scam involves a phone call to the homeowner, often an elderly person who would be a more convenient target for bullying, by a person claiming to be a technician from the HVAC service normally used by the owner. After an appointment is scheduled, the scammer shows up at the home, does some lightweight cleaning around the furnace, and presents the shocked homeowner with a bill for an amount between $500 and $1000. If the owner balks at paying immediately, intimidation is then used to extract the money, and the check is quickly cashed before the homeowner can discover that he/she has just been ripped off.

Preventing HVAC scams

The scenario described above is only one of several scams in which shady individuals attempt to gain home access, and then gain access to your bank account. There are actually many more such illegal con jobs in operation today, and they can all be prevented by taking a few precautions like these:

-beware of cold calls from an ‘HVAC technician’ claiming that service is due on your equipment – be sure to get an estimate
-be wary of special rates and free checkups on your HVAC systems
if you’re told that numerous HVAC parts have failed all at once, be suspicious, because that is very unusual
-don’t be fooled by a technician who tells you your air conditioner needs refrigerant every single year
-watch out for the scam where you are told your furnace is leading and needs to be replaced – ask for proof
-for any major repair or installation – make sure you get a second opinion!

HVAC service you can trust

Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating is a family-owned business which has been providing commercial and residential HVAC services to the greater Phoenix region for a very long time, and which has earned the trust of the community. Morehart is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and hires only well-qualified and certified technicians who have passed stringent background checks. We are committed to maintaining our solid reputation by providing the most professional service, and using products of the very best quality. Contact us today about your HVAC service needs.

18 HVAC Terms to Know in Phoenix

Understanding Your Air and Heating Company

As one of Phoenix, Arizona’s most trusted HVAC contractors, we at Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating know the value of a great customer experience. Our owners and technicians have over 100 years combined working in the Phoenix air conditioning and heating industry, so you and your family are always in good hands with us. When we make a visit to a customer’s home, we break down our services and repair work in a way that’s easy to understand. We always make the recommendations that we believe will benefit our customers the most; we never make a recommendation just to sell something that someone probably doesn’t need. You can count on us to go above and beyond service expectations – every time we come to your home.

At Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating, we’re experts at what we do – but we don’t expect you to be familiar with the terminology of the HVAC industry. We want to discuss some of the most important HVAC terms and acronyms used by HVAC companies today, with the hope of educating our current and future customers. By exploring the terms below, you may gain a better understanding of the details involved with a service call to your residence.

AFUE: This stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This term represents a rating reflecting the efficiency level when fuel is converted to energy via a gas furnace. A higher AFUE rating means greater energy efficiency. But unlike SEER, which has an arbitrary rating associated with it (like SEER-16, etc), AFUE is actually far simpler to read and understand. A furnace’s AFUE rating is listed as a percentage of how much fuel it can convert into usable heat, with a scale ranging from around 30-100.

BTU: BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, specifically, it is the amount of energy needed to raise 1 pound of water 1°F at sea level. A single BTU is equal to the amount of heat emitted by one wooden kitchen match. In terms of heating and cooling, a BTU is the measure of heat emitted by fuel or eliminated through cooling. A higher number of BTUs isn’t always the answer. Using any type of air conditioner, whether a portable unit, a window unit or central air conditioning, with a BTU level higher than needed can cause the unit to cool quickly, cycle off and then, to maintain your desired temperature, have to cycle on again soon after. By cycling on and off too many times, your air conditioner’s compressor will quickly over-work itself.

CFM: This is an acronym for Cubic Feet per Minute, which is a measurement for airflow. To calculate this properly follow these steps:

  1. Measure the length, width and height of the room, using a tape measure. Round all the values up to the next full foot, to simplify the calculations. For example, if a room length is 17 feet and 7 inches, round it up to 18 feet.
  2. Multiply the three values together to determine the volume of the room in cubic feet. For example, if the length is 18 feet, the width is 12 feet and the height is 10 feet, the room volume is obtained from the equation volume = 18 x 12 x 10, giving a room volume of 2,160 cubic feet.
  3. Multiply the volume of the room by the number of times the heated air is to be changed every hour. The result is the volume of heated air that passes through the room in one hour. For example, if the air is changed six times every hour, multiply the volume of air determined in Step 2 by six. Using the example data from Step 2, the result would be six times 2,160 cubic feet, or 12,960 cubic feet of air passing through the room per hour.
  4. Divide the value obtained in Step 3 by 60, the number of minutes in one hour. The result is the volume of air that must be passed through the room every minute. For example, 12,960 divided by 60 equals 216, so 216 cubic feet of air must be fed into the room every minute. The room requires 216 CFM for heating.

Compressor: The compressor is the core of a heat pump or air conditioning system. It compresses the refrigerant to get it to the right pressure and temperature before it passes through the condenser coil. If your compressor fails, your air condenser or heat pump will not be able to effectively make your house comfortable. The compressor is also the biggest energy-sucking part of your air conditioner or heat pump.

Condenser Coil: A coil changes refrigerant from vapor form to liquid form by causing heat to dissipate. After the gas refrigerant is pressurized and heated in the compressor, it enters the condenser coil. Here, two things happen. The gas refrigerant transfers its heat to the air blowing over it. Simultaneously, the refrigerant cools and turns into a liquid.

Energy Star®: Equipment that qualifies for this national program is much more energy efficient than standard equipment. As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. So making smart decisions about your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system can have a big effect on your utility bills.

Heat Pump: It serves to heat or cool the home, depending on the season. A heat pump is a device that provides heat energy from a source of heat to a destination called a “heat sink”. Heat pumps are designed to move thermal energy opposite to the direction of spontaneous heat flow by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer one.

HEPA Filter: Sometimes called high-efficiency particulate arresting or high-efficiency particulate air, is a type of air filter. This type of filter removes allergens in the air. Filters meeting the HEPA standard have many applications, including use in medical facilities, automobiles, aircraft and homes.

HSPF: This means Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. The term is used to describe the measure of efficiency for a heat pump during a heating season. The higher the HSPF rating of a unit, the more energy efficient it is. HSPF is a ratio of BTU heat output over the heating season to watt-hours of electricity used.

HVAC: An acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

Hybrid Comfort System: A hybrid system is a combination of a gas furnace and a heat pump.

Matched System: In this type of system, all of the components are equally matched in terms of efficiency and capacity. The cooling components consist of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handler. The two components are designed to work together to provide optimal performance, maximum efficiency, and comfort. When a new outdoor condenser is installed, you should install a new, corresponding and equally efficient indoor air handler at the same time. The installation of the two components that are designed to be used together comprises a matching system.

Modulating Heating: This kind of system continuously adjusts the temperatures in a building or home as they change. Unlike single-stage gas furnaces that operate ON or OFF, a modulating, variable-speed gas furnace minimizes energy use by running at the lowest possible fan speed, and producing just the right amount of heat to keep a steady, comfortable temperature in your home.

NATE: An acronym for North American Technician Excellence, which is the only certification program recognized nationally by the entire HVAC industry.

Packaged System: This is a heating and/or air conditioning system that contains all of its components in a single cabinet.

Refrigerant: This substance helps to create cooling, and it’s used with most cooling systems and units.

SEER: This means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a rating that reflects the measurement of cooling produced by an air conditioner or heat pump.

Split System: This is a system with components in dual locations, such as one with a furnace indoors and an air conditioner unit outdoors.

Understanding Your Air and Heating Company

Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating has always considered our customer base to be our top priority, and that will always be the case. We believe in providing excellent service, excellent products, excellent solutions for our customers, and most importantly, communication. If you would like to check out reviews of our company, please see our Phoenix BBB page. We would love to show you a better HVAC experience – the Morehart way. Contact us today!

Welcome Golden Air Inc. Customers

Recently Golden Air Inc. has decided to close it’s doors here in Phoenix Arizona. They had been in business for many years and it’s probably correct in saying that many of it’s loyal customers are disappointed. We completely understand, when it comes to air and heating, when you find one you like it’s hard to say goodbye. But cheer up, we have a solution for you!

Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating has been providing first class A/C and heating services to the valley for many years. All of our technicians have years of experience, are background checked, drug screened, and are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. At Morehart we take the time to educate our customers as we want every homeowner or commercial client to understand exactly what’s going on with their systems and why we’re suggesting certain maintenance, repair or new installations.

Here are the Benefits of Coming Over to the Morehart Team:

  • 20% off repairs for first time Golden Air customers*
  • Over 80 years experience between owner and techs
  • A+ rating with the Arizona BBB
  • Only use the best parts for repairs and installation
  • Offer maintenance plans to ensure your air and heating systems are always running efficiently
  • Offer financing on new system installations


These are just a few reasons for Golden Air Inc. customers to try out our HVAC services here in Phoenix. When you actually have us out to service your systems you’ll see why we are the most trusted name in HVAC. Give us a call today and let’s start this new relationship right.

Call for details, *exclusions apply.

Diagnosing Different Air and Heating Issues in Phoenix

Ensuring Air and Heating System Efficiency

As a homeowner in Phoenix, you need to ensure that everything is in order and that your air and heating system equipment used at your home is functioning properly. If your heating and cooling system isn’t working as efficient as it’s supposed to, you ought to look for solutions early enough before a minor issue becomes a major one. One piece of equipment you need to check and ensure is in good working condition is your heat pump. There are several ways to determine if the heat pump needs to be repaired. Some of these ways include:

Look Out for Foul Odors

Heating components tend to have a dusty scent in the first few months or years of being used. This is quite normal but you should be sensitive to any other smell as it could signify AC failure. Foul odors indicate possibility of open tears enabling the system to suck in air from the crawl space or bacteria built up within the air duct system. Even if the odor is not intense, this is something that you should not ignore. The last problem you need every time your air kicks on, whether air conditioning or heating, is bacteria getting blown into your homes air for you to breath.

Check These Out

Abnormal Sounds

You know the obvious sounds from your heating and AC components but if you notice any sound that is abnormal such as grinding, clanging and squealing, you need to call a professional because those could be signs of even bigger underlying problems.

Strong Air Flow, Poor Cooling

If you notice that your air conditioning components are not cooling your home yet there is still strong air flow, it could be the right time to call an air and heating technician. However, before you do, ensure that you confirm that the thermostat has not been set on fan only mode which could be the result of poor cooling. It is very important to have your cooling and heating components inspected in case of a failing compressor, which can be expensive to replace especially if not repaired during the early stages of a problem.

Weak Air Flow

This is another sign of a faulty air and heating system. It could be a result of damaged ductwork, debris inside the vent or a closed register. However, before you contact a technician, clean the air filter and recheck everything. You don’t want to make a phone call to have an HVAC contractor out to your home just to tell you that your air filters are too dirty and are restricting air flow. Changing your air filters every 30-45 days will ensure this minor problem is prevented.

Leakage Near the System

Every heat pump requires the drainage of moisture. If the drainage is not well controlled, water will accumulate near the system, in the pan near the heat pump. Some of the major causes of system leaks include clogged drain lines or a frozen control regulator. Apart from the leaks near the system, you also need to watch out for leaking refrigerant. A professional HVAC technician from Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating will be able to diagnose this and inform you of the proper solution.

Won’t Change Modes

This is usually a problem with the heat pump reversing valve when it gets stuck between modes. You need a technician to determine what measures to take because it could be a problem with the solenoid.

If you have noticed the above signs or anything that is abnormal with your heating or cooling systems, you need to contact a licensed and professional technician from Morehart. You should not try repairing the pumps on your own because an HVAC technician will be able to determine the real issue with your heat pump or air conditioner. If something goes wrong during the do it yourself repair, it could result in very expensive repairs.

The Bottom Line

What to Look For In a Phoenix AZ HVAC Technician

Once you have decided that it is time to call an HVAC technician in the Phoenix area, your biggest problem will be which HVAC contractor to call. Morehart Air and heating is a very experienced air and heating contractor that is licensed, insured and bonded, and has been providing professional residential and commercial HVAC services to the valley for many years. When you need air and heating professionals that will explain everything in an easy to understand manner and will guide you to honest solutions that are best for your home or office, and not the wallet of an HVAC company, you call Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating.

An experienced heating and AC repair Phoenix technician will check the belts, filters and oil all the moving parts, performing the necessary maintenance and repair to keep your systems running efficiently for years. In the event you do need our company to perform repairs or new air and heating system installation, we guarantee our work and provide warranties on parts and systems we sell.

If you are having issues with your heating and cooling systems please don’t wait for bigger problems to develop. Call our office today and schedule service. We’ll help determine what’s wrong and help get it resolved as soon as possible. Call today 623-566-0005 or visit our contact page.

Who’s in Your Home Repairing Your Air Conditioning

Heating and cooing systems (HVAC) work long hours to keep your home at the right temperature, but no matter how vigilantly you are, your HVAC system will eventually be due for routine cleaning or need repair.  Choosing a trustworthy and capable technician, however, isn’t the easiest task so here are the “do’s and don’ts” to help you make the right choice.

Things to Do When Finding a Technician

When looking for a HVAC technician make sure to research all the available options and read any reviews available online through sites like Google.  Even if you find a highly reviewed contractor out in the suburbs, they may still service your area.  Check on the availability of the contractor, especially in the event of emergencies.  Good HVAC contractors will generally answer phones around the clock and have an immediate response for repair times.  Analyze the website, if it’s full of mistakes you’re likely dealing with someone who will do shoddy work.  Most importantly, make sure you find a well-trained expert.  HVAC systems are complicated and only a licensed technician should be trusted with your repairs.

What Not to Do

As tempting as it might seem, choosing the cheapest HVAC technician or just the biggest HVAC company probably aren’t your best options.  Quality work and good reviews should impress you more than a cheap quote.  Being the biggest also isn’t necessarily the best as large HVAC companies often prioritize commercial clients over residential ones, unlike a family owned company that will likely give you better service at a lower price.  Don’t ignore bad reviews or complaints about the company and never compromise on safety and efficiency, or settle for low quality HVAC equipment.

Trusted Phoenix Area HVAC Technicians

Employees working for Morehart Air are the best and highest quality technicians Phoenix has to offer.  Not only are they required to have extensive HVAC training and certification specifically for air and heating repair/installation, they’re also thoroughly vetted to ensure they have no serious legal matters or felonies in the past.  Morehart Air believes in its rigorous and strict standards because any technician they send to repair your heating and cooling system should be as trustworthy as one of your own family members.  For more information please call 623-566-0005 or visit https://www.morehartac.com.”

Relax, Sit Back, and Watch the Game

We’re in September and that only means one thing, it’s football season. That’s right, the NFL season has kicked off and our Arizona Cardinals are back in action. The weather is still warm but temperatures are cooling down a bit. But don’t take that as it’s time to kick on the heaters because it’s not even close to that yet.

It’s still warm enough to have to use our air conditioners, that for sure. And when you kick back on Sundays to watch the Arizona Cardinals throw down your indoor air needs to be comfortable to make game time enjoyable. Let’s face it, who wants to sit in a warm house, or entertainment room, or better yet, a man cave, if it’s warm and stuffy and not to mention almost 95 degrees outside. It won’t matter how cold the beer is because indoor air quality will make everything miserable.

And think about this, and this may sound crazy to people who don’t live here in Phoenix Arizona, but when it does finally get into late fall and winter, we do experience nights and mornings that get cold. In the middle of winter, it gets so cold that temps actually dip in the 30’s and on rare nights, the high 20’s. That’s cold by our standards. If you live in upstate New York or the Chicago area you may be sating to yourself, “That’s nothing”, but for us Phoenicians, that’s bone chilling.

When it does finally get cold here your heating system needs to be warming up the house and each room needs to have equal amount of air flow. If you’re watching the game during a cold day or the Sunday or Monday night games, you don’t want your favorite football watching room to be too cold or too warm. It needs to be just right. That’s where having a trusted air and heating contractor comes in handy.

Using a reputable, experienced air and heating phoenix HVAC contractor you not only get the right service to your air and heating systems, but they’ll also make suggestions on what type of air or heating unit your home needs based on the size of the house. When people have uneven air flow to specific rooms, this is one sign that your air and heating system is too small for the home. A trusted HVAC contractor will make the correct suggestions as to what kind and size of system your home needs. This will allow each room to reach the appropriate cooling or heating it needs and will help save on energy costs.

Don’t be fooled by those Phoenix air and heating companies that try to sell you their top of the line system or their biggest A/C unit, they’re only trying to get as much money as possible. Just because a unit is big or a top of the line system doesn’t mean that’s what your home needs. Get honest answers, suggestions, and service from one of the most trusted HVAC contractors here in the valley. That’s Morehart Air and Heating. Call us today to see if your indoor air quality could use updating. Watch the Arizona Cardinals in comfort.