D. Michael C.

D. Michael C.

We thought we had a leaking condenser and there was lots of water all over the garage floor. The first company I called was three hours late, and they recommended that we spend $2400 to replace what they said was a leaking condenser coil. I did not feel right about what they told me since they had not even taken the condenser out and there wasn’t any ice-over on the coils, so instead I called Morehart Air Conditioning so I could get a blind second opinion.

Morehart was here in less than 40 minutes from the time I placed the call. Once their technician showed up he was quick to let me know that he thought it was just a clogged PVC pipe on the pan that normally drained the condensation. Sure enough, after using a CO2 cartridge to blow out the line the water flowed right on out of there and there was no further problem. For just under $150, the so-called $2400 replacement of the condenser unit was resolved.

Sure – there may not be any “Melvins” on the other people’s job, but apparently they are paying for those expensive commercials with the money they take from people who don’t need what they’re selling us. Not so with Morehart. Do yourselves a favor, and call these guys first. You could save thousands of dollars, and a lot of aggravation!

Oh – and yes, the technician who came out was Tom. I suspect he is the same Tom that someone else left a negative review for. I can tell you from firsthand experience that Tom is a professional, top notch, sincere and knowledgeable guy and he was very easy to talk to. He explained everything to me as he did it, and showed me so that I understood everything. There were no communication difficulties, and I trust him and this company FAR beyond the “big guys” who send out G-d knows who to work on your unit.

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