Let’s Go Green

Let’s Go Green

Let's Go GreenImproving the overall efficiency in your home can save you money. Air conditioning can account for nearly 50 percent of the energy use in the summer months here in the US! Also the emissions from your machine can add to our sadly questionable metro air quality.

You can reduce your usage between 20 and 50 percent by just making a few changes! There are many efficiency gimmicks on the market so buyers beware! We only recommend products and services we have tested that made a measurable difference.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are very important for saving on energy costs. You can set your temperatures according to your work schedule as well as your electric company’s on and off-peak hour guidelines. Using a programmable thermostat also doesn’t put as much stress on your heating and cooling system as manually cycling your system. There are even affordable high tech thermostats that you can control from your smartphone, including sending photos and messages through optional Wi-Fi keys.

Attic insulation

Most homes in the greater Phoenix area are under insulated. Poor insulation can lead to premature failure of your heating and cooling system. By installing proper insulation in your attic you can reduce your average energy consumption by up to 20 percent. Attic insulation also reduces ambient noise and increases the overall comfort in your home. We install only formaldehyde free, high-efficiency insulation with minimal settling and a limited lifetime warranty.

Heating and Cooling System Efficiency

If your heating and cooling system are 5 years old or older, its efficiency ratings may be below current federal standards. Your electric bills probably reflect this. To get the most efficiency for what you already have, regular preventative maintenance services are highly recommended. If it is time for an efficiency upgrade for your home we can help educate you on the best high-efficiency products within your budget.

Zoning Systems

Zoning your heating and cooling system can reduce your electric bills by up to 30%. This is accomplished by only heating and cooling the rooms in your home that are used the most. The rest have dampers installed to shut off the air flow to unused areas until they are in use. Also placing thermostats in every room (instead of the hallways) keeps more accurate temperatures and allow you to program the system according to your needs.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Mini-Split Systems are ultra high efficiency and space saving if you want to add cooling and heating without a lot of construction. Saving you time, money and, raw materials. These quiet and reliable systems are the ultra “green machine”! Since they don’t require ducting they can be installed virtually anywhere.

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