Melissa Y.

Melissa Y.

Thanks to Tom, I’m a Morehart customer for life!

After “winning” two free AC service visits from a *different* company, their tech recommended $700 in urgent repairs, threatening that my AC could shut down any second without the fixes. The whole thing felt sketchy to me (how did I even win this?!), so after getting a referral from a family member, I called Morehart.

I first have to say …. TOM IS WONDERFUL! As I explained the situation over the phone, and read him the measurements provided by the other tech (only after I demanded that he give them to me), Tom advised that he was really doubtful the repairs were actually needed. I scheduled a service visit so he could come do a thorough check and confirm his suspicions.

Tom arrived promptly, and was extremely kind, courteous and conscientious. He explained everything thoroughly in ways I could understand, and without making me feel like a moron ((ahem– last tech)). Not only did he confirm that the $700 in “urgent” repairs were NOT needed, but he found a smaller repair that was actually needed … apparently the other company’s tech was too busy inventing expensive, fake issues to catch any real problems.

In addition to this fix, our exterior AC unit is now quieter and fully cleaned, the loud rattle in the attic unit is now gone completely, and I have confidence there are no leaks in the attic ductwork. All for $500 less than the other schmucks.

Thank you Tom!

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